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Getting to Your Next Right decision ...

When you're data poor ... you can't help but be opinion rich.

A sustainably profitable business is more process than destination. It begins with understanding risks & opportunities, especially those that have financial, human & environmental implications. It includes looking outside to help solve problems. It means designing products & processes to address all needs, including performance. It means moving from traditional take-make-waste linear processes to cyclical ones that embrace systems thinking. It means understanding the true costs of your products; from beginning to end. It means working towards total waste elimination by investing in more efficient processes & making smart raw material choices. It means ensuring profitable growth. It means valuing people & their contribution. It means making the next right decision.

Next Right Decision offers a variety of consulting & decision support services to small-to-medium sized businesses. We specialize in helping manufacturing, especially older industries, integrate & implement new technologies, new product development strategies, increasingly sustainable initiatives & continuous improvement.

We help companies manage their web presence, including web page integration with social platforms, develop & implement effective search engine optimization strategies (SEO) as well as implement & use analytics to garner web traffic & increase user engagement. We also specialize in using email marketing to target & grow your customer base to increase sales, & enhance customer satisfaction.

Next Right Decision also has four stellar presenters with decades of experience that can provide seminars & workshops covering a variety of topics that focus on the needs of current or prospective small business owners. We offer seminars covering traditional topics such as startup issues, financial management, capital acquisition, marketing, web presence, social media, web analytics, accounting & taxes, & many others. We also offer targeted workshop series that focus on specific industries. Five of these are:

  • The Leaner The Better
  • No Accidents ... Know Safety
  • The Business of Farming
  • Business Storytelling
  • Work of Art

We pride ourselves on being a turn-key solution for small-to-medium sized businesses, helping them to grow & thrive in an ever demanding environment. Let us know how we can help you make your Next Right Decision.

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